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10, 11, 12


10, 11, 12


9, 10, 11, 12

Second Base

Frederick B. Taylor

Class of 1961

Hard work, hustle, and fair play define Terry Taylor's approach to athletics. Always in great shape and rarely injured, he may never have missed a high school practice or game. Possessing neither great speed, unusual size, nor extraordinary natural ability, Terry was a consistent winner nevertheless. The proverbial "great guy" to those who knew him, and a clutch performer who led by example, it is no wonder he was a two sport captain.

As an offensive end on the football team, Terry was known for his deceptive moves, quick cuts, great hands, and a monstrous will to win. Just when the defender was sure he had the angle to make the play, Terry would turn it up a notch and get to the ball first to make the catch. He was also a relentless and effective blocker against much larger opponents. On the defensive side, he always filled his hole to force the play wide and was the surest tackler on the team. Terry was voted MVP of the Thanksgiving Day game in his senior year - a fitting end to an outstanding high school career.

As a starting forward on the basketball team, Terry became a tenacious defender and effective rebounder through hard work and application of the fundamentals. Even the fans on the top row could hear his loud huffing and puffing as he hustled up and down the Court - in front on the fast break, blocking out taller opponents for the rebound, making the tough lay-up in traffic, or dogging his man in a defensive stance.

Baseball may have been Terry's greatest love. As one of John O'Connell's summer playground disciples, he spent endless hours at Emerson Field playing and learning the game. He was a consistent line drive hitter from the second or third spots in the batting order who could be counted on to deliver in the clutch. He was a sure-handed second baseman who could make the double play pivot with the best of them, and an intelligent and aggressive base runner cut from the Pete Rose "Mr. Hustle" mold.

After high school Terry was recruited to Hamilton College in Clinton, New York by former Concord athlete, Sherman Hoyt. Terry went on to play football and baseball at Hamilton, and was voted captain of both teams, as well as football MVP in his senior year.

Terry is an insurance executive in Cleveland, Ohio. He has two teenage daughters and continues to keep in good shape by playing competitive softball, squash and golf.