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9, 10, 11, 12

All Scholastic
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Field Events

George H. Fenton

Class of 1948

A four year starter and Captain of the football squad, George was another of the outstanding athletes to perform at Concord High in the 1940's. He was chosen as an All Scholastic in both his junior and senior years. This gritty back turned in many inspirational performances for Concord, including the 1947 Maynard game in which he was knocked unconscious in the first half. Everyone was surprised when he shook it off and wobbled out for the second half kickoff... and amazed when he ran it back 82 yards for a touchdown! He pulled off a similar recovery that year in the Winthrop game, returning late in the game to score the winning touchdown after a first half injury.

At 5'10" 210 pounds, George was tough to bring down on the football field. On the basketball court he clogged up the key and established a physical presence for the team. Though he was known more for his pitching than his hitting, he once pulled a ball over the left field fence and onto the armory steps for a home run. He also found time to do track in the spring. His bulk allowed him to compete in field events, but he was also fast for his size. He always felt that he was faster than Muzzy Muscato, but was never allowed to race him head to head.

After graduation George went to work in his father's garage at the prison rotary for two years before becoming a mechanic at Elbery Ford in Cambridge where he stayed for over thirty five years. He remained active in sports, pitching for the town baseball team, playing golf at Maynard Country Club, and hunting and fishing out of the Concord Rod & Gun. He is survived by his three daughters, Susan, Elizabeth, and Diane, and a son, George Jr.