Coach Bio

Miriam Clark

1935 - 1975

Mim Clark almost single-handedly carried the banner of girls athletics at Concord and Concord-Carlisle High School for forty years.

She was the girls' physical education teacher for K-8, and then moved up to the high school where she coached field hockey, basketball, tennis, softball, and the cheerleaders. She ordered all supplies and equipment, introduced varsity letters and pins for girls, acted as the girls' trainer, enforced moral standards of behavior, and was an all around mother away from home for her girls.

Most important of all, Miss Clark was a powerful and enduring role model for her girls. During an era when physical fitness for girls was not a priority, she believed:

that girls were equal to boys, and could benefit from physical fitness and athletic competition as much as boys,

that the teaching of specific skills was the foundation of individual and team athletic performance,

that every student and athlete should be treated equally, and judged, not just on performance, but also on the level of effort put forth.

Mim Clark graduated from the Sargent College of Boston University in 1933 with a B.S. in Physical Education. After volunteering at Winthrop Junior and Senior High Schools, she taught Physical Education at Keene College in 1934-35. She took a position with the Concord Public Schools in 1935 where she taught until her retirement in 1975.

During her well-attended retirement dinner at the Chateau de Ville in Framingham, it was said, "It's the quality of life she has given that makes Mim such a special teacher. Her faith in kids never faltered and the families of Concord and Carlisle have been fortunate to have her." Miss Clark said, "The people closest to me have been my students."